The Platinum day is the pinnacle of our driver training programme and aims to give a more track and racing focused experience, with three advanced skills exercises to perfect: a Left foot braking and trail braking activity, plotting a line through a corner and finally using data logging to improve driver performance. This gives those that have completed the Gold level and want to take their skills on to the race track a few more elements to help them hone their skills, especially at more unfamiliar tracks.

The track driving in the afternoon continues the introduction to the Exige Sport 410 of the Gold level and also involves the Exige Cup with its track suspension set up and stripped back feel. The performance on circuit is staggering and provides a new challenge with the increased levels of grip and higher speeds.

The introduction to data logging means you will be able to analyse your performance and use it to compare and improve with objective measurement.

The coaches who work on our Platinum day are hand-picked for their experience and include ex-F1 driver Martin Donnelly, Le Mans winner Andy Wallace and Le Mans driver and Classic Le Mans winner Rob Barff.


£1,499.00 inc. VAT

The Platinum day aims to give a more track and racing focused experience, with three advanced skills exercises to perfect.


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Your experience includes

  • Introduction to the day and the team
  • Welcome drink and light breakfast
  • Safety and circuit briefing
  • Left foot braking and trail braking
  • Judging a line through a corner (to include wet lines)
  • Using data logging to improve your performance
  • Lunch overlooking the test track
  • 3 driving sessions with a Lotus instructor with example data logging feedback on one session
  • USB to take away with individual data and benchmark laps
  • Demonstration laps by Lotus instructors
  • Debrief with your instructor
  • Personal evaluation and certificate
  • Exclusive Lotus Driving Academy personalised gift

This program is perfect for you if...

  • You have completed Gold level and want to stretch yourself further


  • You are a seasoned driver with substantial previous quality track or race experience
  • You want an insight into techniques to improve your performance on unfamiliar tracks
  • You want to gain an insight into the fascinating world of motor racing with the most seasoned and successful British manufacturer


From 8 am to 5pm approx.


Maximum 6 people