Looking for an individual training solution that covers exactly what you want to learn? Then the Lotus Driving Academy’s Personal Coaching program is exactly right for you.

You have exclusive use of the Hethel Test Track, one of the Lotus Driving Academy cars and a driver coach for the day.

Personal Coaching is the most individual and flexible way to enhance your skills, giving you the freedom to define what aspects of your driving you want to improve and what targets you are looking to achieve. Our coaches are trained to cover all potential areas from general braking and cornering technique to specific know-how such as ideal racing lines and heel & toe downshifting. Coaching can take place in any of our cars, either the Lotus Elise Sport 220, Lotus Exige Sport 410 or Lotus Exige Cup. Fine-tuning the training programme in accordance with your individual requirements gives you the perfect opportunity to unlock your true potential, be it on the road or on track.

£3,499.00£4,499.00 inc. VAT

Looking for an individual training solution tailored to your specific needs and requirements? Then the Lotus Driving Academy’s Personal Coaching program is exactly right for you.


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If this is a gift, please enter “TBC” in the Driving Licence Number box.
We also ask for the driver’s current vehicle, as it helps us tailor the tuition so the driver gets the most from the experience.

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Show your friends what you’ve been up to!

If you want to make your Driving Experience last forever, why not purchase an in-car film of your track drive? Professionally recorded with up to an hour of footage shot by our on-board cameras. Presented on a reusable 4GB Lotus Driving Academy USB stick, capture every lap of your track experience.

Your experience includes

  • Introduction to the day and the team
  • Welcome drink and breakfast
  • Safety and circuit briefing
  • Individual assessment session with your instructor
  • Bespoke full-day driving and exercise program with your instructor
  • Lunch overlooking the test track
  • Demonstration laps by Lotus instructors
  • Debrief with instructor
  • Personal evaluation and certificate
  • Exclusive Lotus Driving Academy gift

This program is perfect for you if...

You want to design your own bespoke training with some of the best instructors available
You are looking for individual coaching and mentoring based on your personal requirements dedicated entirely to your progress and development


From 9am to 5pm approx