The Lotus Licence gives you the unique opportunity to experience 3 back-to-back training days under the guidance of our team of world-class instructors and experts.

This product is perfect for those of you who want to rapidly enhance their driving ability with Britain’s iconic road car and motorsport brand in the course of one convenient weekend package. Over your 3-day intensive driver training with 1:1 tuition while tackling multiple driving sessions, passing a wide array of on-track activities and enjoying demo laps by our instructors.

In addition to the track time you will also get in-depth classroom and personal coaching by our Lotus experts. They will help you to get a grip on vehicle dynamics, driving technique and ideal racing lines, thus establishing a sound foundation of knowledge and understanding of vehicle dynamics and track driving.

That’s what makes this experience different to any other; you really are coming to the home of vehicle dynamics and learning from the masters.

£1,799.00 inc. VAT

Encapsulating 3 days of intense high performance 1:1 driver tuition, work your way through from Bronze to Gold to gain your Lotus License under the guidance of our team of world-class instructors and experts.


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We also ask for the driver’s current vehicle, as it helps us tailor the tuition so the driver gets the most from the experience.

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VIP Package

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3 night stay

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Your Experience Includes

  • 3 days intensive driver training course covering the Bronze, Silver and Gold programme
  • Driving the Lotus Elise Sport 220 and Lotus Exige Sport 410
  • 6 hrs of 1:1 tuition behind the wheel of our cars
  • Classroom coaching and personal advice by our experts
  • Lunch and refreshments included throughout
  • Personal evaluation and certificate for each day
  • Exclusive Lotus Driving Academy gifts