Martin DonnellyInstructor


Martin’s first contact with Lotus came through the late Peter Warr who signed him to drive for the Camel Lotus Formula One Team in 89/90 which then brought him into direct contact with Lotus cars and a lot of P.R duties around the country at different Lotus functions and dealerships. He has been involved with Lotus every year since!

Over four decades including Formula 3, Formula 3000 and Formula 1, Le Mans and recently British Touring Cars. Still racing in the FIA Lotus Cup Europe Championship and also as an FIA Formula 1 Driving Steward.

His first ever Lotus, a pearlescent white Esprit when he signed for the F1 team and the Lotus 211 race car.

The combination of corners between Clark and Graham Hill, a very technical and demanding part of the track - go too quickly and you end up off line as each corner leads to the next and controlled aggression is the key here to an overall quick lap around our fabulous test track!

Rob BarffInstructor


Rob has raced in both modern and historic Lotuses from a Lotus 11 to a Lotus Evora GT4

Rob has wide experience of endurance racing in both Sportscar and GT classes at the highest level. In sportscars he has competed in the LMP1 class at events such as the Le Mans 24hr Race and the Sebring 12hrs - regularly running in the leading group. In the Le Mans Series he has competed in LMP1 and LMP2 achieving podium success.

Lotus Elise Sport 220 - “Honestly, for 90% of the work at LDA the Lotus Elise Sport 220 is more than enough; light, responsive & superbly agile. In the words of Colin Chapman, "Simplify, then add lightness", and the Elise stays true to those values.”

The Senna curves, just quick!

David BriseInstructor


Has worked at the Lotus Driving Academy since 2011

My driving career started with racing go-karts at a very young age, I remember just about reaching the pedals of my 100cc TKM and my stomach doing somersaults before going out onto the track. Although my family have a great passion for motorsport, sadly we could not afford to race at a high level, so I decided to compete in National Motorcycle and Car Trials until finally I was able to buy my own racing car, a 1975 Royale RP21 Formula Ford, which I still own today. I raced this car for a few seasons and continue to race it from time to time between other drives in Saloon Cars, GTs, Prototypes and, most recently, competing in the Pirelli GT Cup.

Lotus Evora GT4

Windsock - the most rewarding (and nerve racking!) corner on the circuit. High speed and high lateral g. A real test of both man and machine!

Paul AdamsInstructor


Paul has been involved with Lotus for the last 21 years. Working as a vehicle development engineer for the latter part. He has been involved with nearly every Elise and Exige variant since 2000 to 2014

Vehicle Development engineer on Elise/Exige

Lotus Exige development car

Graham Hill are my favourite set of corners as technique and planning ahead really pay off!

Danny HartgroveInstructor


Over 21 years working at Lotus, as part of the production team, as motorsport technician, through to Quality Engineer and latterly Lotus Driving Academy manager. He has been an instructor on the Lotus Driving Academy since 2005.

Danny has competed in the Elise Trophy and Lotus Cup.

Lotus Elise 220 Cup

'Graham Hill' a very technical part of the circuit, which includes a left right combination where vehicle balance and positioning are critical to success.

Dave MinterInstructor

As one of the development engineers on the Elise project, Dave recognised that there was a need for some of the Elise owners who were taking their cars on track, to have some assistance to get the best out of the car. He presented this concept to the Lotus Cars management team and they agreed and allocated funds to change the layout of the track to make it safer yet more challenging. He instructed on the first LDA day and has been a regular instructor since.

Started his involvement with Lotus in 1979 working on the first Esprit Turbo and has been associated with many of the Lotus models since. Was responsible for the development of all aspects of the Lotus Elise MK1.

Participated in Club racing with a Mini Cooper S in 1970's, heavily involved with the build of the SCCA racing Esprits for the USA and assisted in the build of the Esprits for Le Mans and international GT racing.

Sport 300 Esprit with Elise 190 a close second.

Undoubtedly, the complex of corners around the clubhouse on the previous iteration of test track prior to the current layout. it was narrower than the current track and the corners were a bit tighter, so you had to be very precise to get it right.

Geoff MoeserInstructor


Has worked with Lotus on-track as one of their instructors and was also instructing on track between 1998-2001 in an Elise. Between 1999-2002 he was instructing on Supercar days at Snetterton, then Silverstone in the Esprit V8.

1975-84. Motorcycle grass-track racing , solo, then sidecar, won 2 championships. 1989-91- formula 2 sidecar circuit racing , won 2 championships 1995-2000- Alfa Romeo saloon car racing, Won class championship in 1997

Exige, all derivatives!

Windsock, a fast right hand corner that can trip people up if taken at the wrong speed!

Simon PooleInstructor


Started with the LDA in 2005 and has been involved with a range of different things with Lotus since, including durability testing (Evora and Evora 400 for example) as well as supporting Lotus events all over Europe.

Started off racing in an Alfa and then ran an ex-Autobytel series Motorsport Elise in various Lotus racing series. Recently has also raced in the Elise Trophy.

Has to be the Motorsport Elise – raw and a mini GT car!

The ‘Yump’ on the previous version of the Lotus test track – approaching it looked like a 90 degree corner but getting your line right through there meant it was faster than expected, even with the mid-corner bump that gave the corner it’s name!

Dave SmithInstructor


14 years at Lotus, initially as an Engineering Apprentice, Prototype Development Technician, Benchmarking Engineer and then as a Dynamics Development Engineer specialising in Ride and Handling and Brake Testing and Development.

Development of a number of projects both Lotus Product and external clients, working across the full range of Vehicle Attributes testing and Development, including Subjective and Objective Engineer training for U.K. and overseas test drivers. Aside from teaching at the LDA, Dave has supported media and PR driving events and activities for a number of manufacturers and high profile events.

Series 3 Exige Roadster

The Chicane!

Ross WylieInstructor


Grew up a few miles away from Jim Clark’s home in Duns and a follower of Lotus ever since.

British GT4 Champion 2014, currently racing in a Ferrari 488 Challenge car in Britcar after a season in the Porsche Carrera Cup and before that a couple of seasons in British GT driving an Aston and McLaren.

Evora 410

The Senna Curves – evocative name and great sweeping corners, can just imagine him driving them!

Lewis PlatoInstructor


Has been involved with both road and track driving with the Academy for the last year.

BRDC Full Member 1st Class Hons Degree Automotive with Motorsport Porsche Carrera Cup GB (currently competing) Spa 24Hr Blancpain Endurance British GT GT3 Grand AM 200 Daytona Challenge Radical SR3 Endurance

Evora 430 GT

Graham Hill - a combination of corners rather than an individual but great when you get it right!

Felix ScottInstructor


A vehicle dynamics engineer working within the Lotus Ride and Handling team until 2018

Lotus Exige 410

Martyn AndersonInstructor


Started June 5th 1978, left May the 5th 2013 as Chief Engineer Vehicle Dynamics and CAE. Carried out tuning on a lot of Lotus products and many many 3rd party vehicles from motorcycles through to tanks!

Suspension tuning and Driver Training all over the world: USA, China, Korea, Germany, Japan, France, Malaysia, Belgium, Sweden, Luxemburg, Italy, Holland, India and UK. Race Engineer for the Lotus Autobytel series.

Lotus Exige S 1.8 220 bhp

The North hairpin.


Tom BishopCoordinator

Guy MundayCoordinator

Tony ParramintCoordinator

Mike PomfretCoordinator