Scare Yourself Sensible

Discover just why the drivers become smitten once they venture behind the wheel of a pure-bred Lotus sports car.


Exige Experience

Experience the raw power and acceleration of the new Lotus Exige Sport 350.


Lotus Licence

Encapsulating 3 days of intense high performance 1:1 driver tuition, work your way through from Bronze to Gold to gain your Lotus License under the guidance of our team of world-class instructors and experts.


Bronze Level

Perfect for Lotus owners or customers wishing to learn how to exploit the potential of their own car on track.


Silver Level

This training package focuses on developing car control and the driving skills required to unlock the performance of the Elise Sport 220.


Gold Level

The Gold Level takes your skills to the next level, with three advanced skills exercises to perfect: heel and toe, power oversteer, and negotiating the extended cone slalom.


Personal Coaching

Looking for an individual training solution tailored to your specific needs and requirements? Then the Lotus Driving Academy’s Personal Coaching program is exactly right for you.